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Altro Custom Flooring

Create a more hygienic environment that protects the safety of both staff and clients with Altro custom flooring and wall cladding. The Carpet Studio is the only company in The Big Bend with manufactured and trained installers who can help clients integrate this specialized brand into many different environments.

Altro’s durable floors are safer, more hygienic, and easier to install than many other products on the market. Whether it’s healthcare facilities, veterinary offices, senior living communities, hotels, schools, or other places, we can upgrade any area to a higher standard that combines custom, contemporary design with extensive functionality.

State-of-the-Art, Hygienic Spaces

Altro flooring and wall cladding is made from PVC (aka Vinyl), which is inert and naturally hygienic. Instead of incorporating antimicrobial additives, which can be toxic to the environment and lead to more resistant pathogens, these floors are non-porous and impact resistant. Their durable surface prevents bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus from accumulating and growing.

The walls and flooring are also fused together to form a watertight seal that prevents moisture and contaminants from penetrating below the surface. Altro floors are easy to clean and maintain, and with proper care they can provide complete protection from harmful pathogens.

Key Benefits of Altro Flooring

  • Start Using Floors the Same Day as Installation
  • Naturally Hygienic — No Additives Required
  • Watertight Seal Between Walls & Flooring
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Life-time Durability Against Damage & Stains
  • Reduce Chance of Slipping & Foot Fatigue
  • Fully Custom Designs


Functional Floors for All Industries

Altro has a range of relevant products and unique flooring solutions across multiple sectors. These are just a few of the industries that can benefit from installing the Altro brand.

Reduce the Risk of Slips & Falls

Altro has slip-resistant flooring that exceeds safety standards and reduces the risk of slips and falls in both dry and wet environments. These products have special aggregates imbedded inside them that will push up whenever pressure is applied to the floor. The aggregates rub against whatever is pushing down on them to create friction and keep the object from slipping across the surface.

Altro slip-resistant floors work even when the surface profile is wet or covered in contaminants like oils, fats, or soaps. These safe and stylish floors will give you peace of mind and help your patrons, patients, students, or employees stay secure on their feet.

Increase Comfort & Sound Insulation

Altro has floors that are engineered to reduce sound and offer more comfort for those who spend countless hours on the move. In fact, some of Altro’s flooring products have an integrated sound insulation system that can reduce impact sounds by up to 19dB.

Altro floors can be installed that are up to 4mm thick, so in addition to contributing to a quieter environment, these specialized products reduce foot fatigue and give everyone a stable and more comfortable place to walk and stand for extended periods of time. Whether your goal is to reduce aching legs or to soften sounds in an area, Altro floors are more than up to the task.

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Completely Custom Designs

Control the colors, textures, images, and artwork that are displayed on your floors and walls. Altro’s products are fully customizable, and there are many different color and pattern options available. You can even choose flooring designs that mimic natural materials like marble, quartz, wood, and tile.

With the Altro brand, custom art and logos can also be displayed on your floors and walls. Generate school spirit by pairing your team logo and colors, create a calming atmosphere for patients by using beautiful murals, or improve the flow of foot traffic by adding shapes, words, symbols, numbers, and other graphics to your floors.

Call Us Today to Get Started

At The Carpet Studio, our professional Altro fitters are happy to help you find and install the products that are right for your needs. We work with you to bring your custom designs to life while improving the safety and durability of your walls and floors. And best of all, some of the Altro products we offer can be installed in one day, so you can get back to using your location fast. Transform you space today into a more hygienic area that looks great and enhances the well-being of all who visit.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call us at 850-656-2666.